Basic Information: Staging system

Multiple myeloma staging according to Durie and Salmon and consequent developing of the treatment plan.

Stage I Staging criteria are fulfilled:

1.  hemoglobin value > 100 g/l2.  Serum calcium value - or 3 mmol/l3.  normal bone structure or solitary bone plasmacytoma4.  Low M-component production rate
a) M-IgG < 50 g/l,
b) M-IgA < 30 g/l,
c) light chain protein in urine <  4 g/24 hours.
Stage II Neither stage I nor stage III
Stage III One or more of the following:
  1. Hemoglobin value < 85 g/l2. Serum calcium value > 3 mmol/l3. More than 3 lytic lesions4. High M-component production rate M-Ig:
a) M-IgG value > 70 g/l,
b) M-IgA value > 50 g/l,
c) light chain protein in urine >12 g/24 h
1. Hemoglobin value < 120 g/l
2. M-IgG value > 30 g/l and/or M-IgA value > 25 g/l
3. Level of plasmocytes in bone marrow > 25 %
MR imaging of the spine - positive and x-ray of the skeleton - negative  classifies the patient in the higher stage defined as II (MR) or III (MR)