CMG: Introduction

The Czech Myeloma Group (CMG) was established in 1996. The main objective of CMG is to organize and coordinate research and clinical activities in the Czech Republic in the area of multiple myeloma. It ensures that the best current standards of care for patients with multiple myeloma are met. Its clinical studies provide the Czech patients with multiple myeloma the access to the latest experimental treatments in the field.

The main goals of the CMG and of the CMG Foundation, established to support CMG activities, are as follows: 

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Establishing the cooperation of researchers and clinicians in the field

One of the main goals of CMG is to establish communication and provide education of researchers and clinicians working in the field of multiple myeloma. There are seminars, symposia, consultations, and other educational activities. Guidelines and specialized books are published regularly.


Improving communication with patients with multiple myeloma and their relatives

CMG pays much attention to work with patients suffering from multiple myeloma and with their families. Our patients and their relatives may use our consultation services which provide them with more information about the disease and about the most suitable treatment in each individual patient. In order to provide the patients and their families with detailed information about with multiple myeloma and its treatment, we have published a booklet called Multiple  myeloma - information for patients and their relatives. The booklet has already had two editions. It is available in every center in the Czech Republic that treats patients with multiple myeloma. The electronic version (in Czech) can be downloaded from here in the section Information for patients

All activities of CMG and of its Foundation are directed at improvements of the treatment of multiple myeloma in the Czech Republic. Also, we wish to provide a relief from the many problems and conditions that limit the quality of life of our patients.

If you have any question about multiple myeloma, or if you would like to support our work and our fight with the disease, feel free to contact us any time. We will be happy to help you and we will be grateful for your help.