Multiple myeloma treatment: Infection treatment

The disease makes the patient vulnerable to infestions because of the impaired immune system, furthermore, the treatment procedures even worsen the situation. The recurrent infections become a major problem and are the most frequent cause of death in patients with advanced myeloma. 

Myeloma patients´ physician should be informed about diagnostic and therapeutic principles concerning the infection treatment in this disease. These principles are strictly different from therapeutic process in persons without impaired immune system. 

Very detailed guidelines (the first guidelines of this type published in Czech language) recommanding the diagnostical and therapeutical  process are presented in 10 chapters of the second edition of the book Diagnostical and therapeutical process in cancerous patients, Grada 2004. These chapters are based on the gudelines of German Society of Hematology and Oncology (2004). In Germany, these recommandations are respected as standard rules for attending physicians and, in case of a patient´s complaint, as a reference for evaluation by a comission of specialists.