Multiple myeloma treatment: Bisphosphonates

The myeloma supportive care must feature a consistent administrating of bisphosponates significantly improving the quality of life. Tissue culture experiments have proven that bisphosponate inhibit the myeloma cell proliferation in several ways. In our country, the options are: Bonefos tabs 1800 mg daily or Lodronat 520 mg; 2080 mg daily or Bonefos in i.v. infusion. We prefer to administrate 900 mg Bonefos given by i.v.infusion every 14 days.

Zolendronat is a more costly option given by i.v. infusion in dose of  4 mg over 15 minutes every 4 weeks. Creatinin follow-up shows to be necessary because the drug may damage kidney. In Europe, ibandronat (Bondronat), a cure  that is said to  be less renally toxic; it is given in dose of 6 mg/every 3-4 weeks.